Tribute to Minister Edna
Tribute to Minister Edna Molewa
22nd Oct 2018

Investing in Young Minds The Youth Jobs in Waste Programme

Environmental Affairs Minister Edna Molewa

Investing in Young Minds

The Youth Jobs in Waste Programme

Greequest Waste Management welcomes Environmental Affairs Minister Edna Molewa announcement

In her own words she said.  The waste sector has been identified as one of the critical sectors, with the potential to contribute substantially to the generation of jobs within the green economy. It is in this light that the department is increasingly expanding its programmes in job creation and enterprise development programmes within the Waste sector. The current initiative is aimed at addressing youth unemployment in our country, in a sustainable manner.

The Youth Jobs in Waste Programme is the result of a study that DEA undertook in 2007, which assessed the status of waste services delivery, as well as capacity at local government level. The study presented an account of the backlog with regards to solid waste service delivery in all municipalities in the country.

In order to address this backlog, and create capacity within municipalities in order to lessen the burden with regards to the provision of waste services, the department developed this initiative. It was also developed in recognition of the fact that the waste sector is now, more than ever, ready for major investment in both infrastructure development as well as capacity building programmes to create decent jobs and fuel the green economy.

Aims and objectives of the project

The programme aims to create job opportunities, on-the-job training, continuous up-skilling, as well as enterprise development for the youth. An estimated 1 000 job opportunities will be created by placing young people in municipalities as Landfill Site Assistants, Waste Collection Administrators and Environmental Awareness Educators.

Further work opportunities will be created from the construction activities associated with the building or erection of landfill site offices, ablution facilities, as well as weigh pad platforms at landfill sites across the country. It is also expected that some of the young people recruited into the Programme will move on to further their environmental careers, either in other employment sectors or become involved in business ventures.

This is the first step of giving the overwhelming youth of South Africa hope.

We thank you once again minister for discovering the gap in the market and exploring it further.

Greenquest Waste Management.

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