Tribute to Minister Edna
Tribute to Minister Edna Molewa
22nd Oct 2018

Minimising waste to landfill with recycling solutions

Educating our future leaders

Minimising waste to landfill with recycling solutions

In the very competitive waste market, GreenQuest is always looking for innovative, compliant and affordable alternatives to landfill to offer clients and grow the business. “Effective on-site waste management services benefit customers across all industries. “On-site service offerings become the centre of integrated waste management solutions and ultimately the reason why we keep on winning new business.

Our customers are demanding a ‘one stop shop’ solution and a number of new business contracts won in recent months are a result of dedication, passion, planning and attention to detail.”

The company implements awareness programmes for clients to prevent generation and reuse waste. “We also do food waste recycling for composting and have solutions which cater for small waste producers such as offices with canteens, restaurants or larger producers such as hotels.

2. Going Green is not just a buzzword

The goal is to assist customers in going green and moving up the waste hierarchy by offering zero waste to landfill. Fluorescent tubes and lamps and energy efficient lighting contain mercury and thus need to be handled and recycled according to legislative requirements. “It is estimated that a single fluorescent tube has enough mercury to contaminate 30 000 litres of water.” GreenQuest has specially designed fluorescent tube boxes and bags for the temporary storage of spent lamps and offers peace of mind and a guarantee that all hazardous lamps are handled, transported and recycled correctly.

Another green solution is the waste-to-energy project. “GreenQuest last year joined forces with the Bronkhorstspruit Biogas Project, known as Bio2Watt, to enable us to provide a comprehensive,

Legal and affordable zero waste to landfill solution to our customers,” said Ngqasa Bio2Watt is the leading industrial scale biogas waste-to-energy company in South Africa, using organic waste to create a renewable energy source. “GreenQuest takes a waste stream which might have been landfilled, analyses it and if it is suitable, takes it to Bio2Watt. A growing number of clients are finding this solution useful. It is cheaper than landfill and more environmentally friendly.”

3. Specialised equipment aids recycling

GreenQuest uses specialised equipment to separate waste from it packaging, both solid and liquid. The packaging is then sent for recycling and the organic liquid or solids goes to a biogas facility. “This means both the contents and its packaging are diverted from landfill by implementing an on-site waste solution, which speaks to our goal to try and recycle as much as we can.” Waste recycling operations through on-site waste management creates jobs. “The work and income are created for small business owners who trade in recyclables.”

4. Educating our future leaders

GreenQuest also plays a role in educating tomorrow’s leaders with their schools recycling programme. “Dedicated to raising awareness and promotion of recycling in schools, the programme highlights alternatives to traditional disposal methods and aims to reduce the amount of waste to landfill. We hope that by the end of our visit to a school, we have contributed to creating a generation of environmentally-conscious citizens.”

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