Our Services

Our Services


South Africa’s environmental legislation and operational guidelines are world class and form the basis for the development of similar structures by other countries. The framework provides ‘Guidelines to Minimum Requirements’ which stipulate the principles that govern wide ranging technical specifications and best practice parameters of Integrated Waste Management policy, including: waste minimisation, recycling, treatment and Waste Management Company South Africadisposal. These aspects guide the industry toward a holistic, sustainable position.

Greenquest ensure that they constantly are updated and trained on the latest legislative requirements that govern their business and operations. They constitute a meaningful point of reference from which the company will continue to innovate.

Greenquest has a team of experts who specialise in waste legislation. We offer advisory services for all environmental legislation, standards and guidelines that may be applicable to waste management in SA.

Our potential customers are:

  • Food and Beverages
  • Distribution Centers
  • Office Parks
  • Manufacturing
  • Hospitality
  • Schools and Universities
  • Shopping Centres
On-Site Waste Separation

On-Site Waste Separation
Integrated contracts, providing equipment, Waste Separation at source, sorting and recycling.

On-Site Team

In many cases zero waste to landfill is only possible when the right technology is available to turn waste into energy.  Our on-site team works every day to ensure that your waste is reduced as much as possible towards the goal of getting you to zero waste to landfill. And the reality is, through responsible management and separation of waste any business can get to zero waste to landfill.


Waste Recycling
All traditional recyclable material, E Waste, Scrap metal, florescent tubes, organic waste, Oil, Oily rags, Composting and Energy recovery.

With our staff on your premises you will have trained sorters that know what to look for to ensure everything possible is being recycled.  Every item recycled is an item diverted from landfill, this initiative directly impacts your environment and at the same time a rebate gets paid to you for your recyclables sold which means you enjoy more savings

Maximising recycling is our specialty. We work to ensure the process of recycling is easy for you by placing our staff on-site to keep your waste area clean. Our job is to make sure that the right waste is sorted in the right order to get the highest value in the recycling market and, if you have an item of waste that is difficult to sell in your waste stream, it’s our job to find you the right buyer.

Waste Collections

Waste Collections/ Removal
We give you one stop shop for all your waste streams so that you have one company to deal with. Whether you have hazardous, general or recyclable waste. Not all waste can be recycled and must be removed responsibly and legally. We manage your general and hazardous waste in the most efficient way possible. We outsource the removal of all hazardous waste to licenced service providers. We ensure full compliance with a auditable document trail.

Safe Disposal and destruction services

Safe Disposal and destruction services
We do not own any landfill site; we have no plans of owning a landfill facility.  Most waste companies get rewarded for transporting and dumping your waste while we get rewarded for reducing it.  Our business model is built around reducing your waste. The more we recycle and divert from landfill the more our business become sustainable, and the more you  money you save.

Waste Management Audit

Waste Management Audit

Sustainability Reporting

Sustainability Reporting
We offer a full sustainable reporting service that ensures that you have your finger on the pulse of your waste removal processes. Our reporting system allows you to monitor the progress of your waste removal on a daily basis, and is updated regularly.

Waste Reduction Training

Waste Reduction Training
GreenQuest also plays a role in educating tomorrow’s leaders with their schools recycling programme. “Dedicated to raising awareness and promotion of recycling in schools, the programme highlights alternatives to traditional disposal methods and aims to reduce the amount of waste to landfill. We hope that by the end of our visit to a school, we have contributed to creating a generation of environmentally-conscious citizens.”